Wrenching Well Wyrm

Dragons ravage, plunder, and devour in accordance with their cruel and avaricious natures. A pox upon the lands they stalk, they are never the less generally understood to behave in a given manner. They can be fought by those who study to learn their motives. The same may not be said of the Wrenching Well Wyrm.

A monster of myth and living embodiment of the unknown, the Wyrm comes and goes as it wills. Sometimes it leaves evidence of its passage, sometimes not. It is described as a ravening beast without thought; though those who meet the Wyrm and survive tell of a sublime ecstasy that overcomes them in the Wyrm's presence. Tales paint the Wyrm as a great serpent, as long as three galleys end to end. Some times it limbless, its backspined and finned. Crulean the Lame, God rest his soul, showed that the Wyrm was the spawn of some pagan spirit, having a nature neither infernal nor divine. Many have sought the work over the decades but few have ever found it, for the Wyrm choses his own meetings at his leisure. The Wyrm has been thought slain more than once, once at the hand of Emperor Constantin himself, only to reappear inexplicably years later. None know of the Wrym's thoughts or ways.

- Shamelessly plagiarized from Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements

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