Sir Rhys ap Rowain

Vassal Knight of Boxbourne Manor (b.464)

Sir Rhys of Boxbourne was knighted by Earl Aralyd d'Hertford at Pentecost court in 485 after being sponsored by Sir Certher and was confirmed as master of Boxbourne Manor. He is a tall, well-built man with unkempt reddish hair hiding the better part of a face marred by boils and fields of pimples.

Sir Rhys is a young knight who has begun to accomplish great deeds. He served in Lord Hemelhemstedt's eschille in the Battle of Mearcred Creek. He stoically attracted the attention and received the powerful blows of a three-eyed giant. And despite his fear of witchcraft, he ran a spear through the Elder Chiltern Witch in order to allow Merlin to recover a magical sword.

Rhys favors outdoor sports to indoor pursuits. His family is one of notable hunters, and Rhys is one of the most enthusiastic. He will discuss the three H's for hours (horses, hounds, and hawks) but otherwise lets others do the talking. Though his speaking voice is harsh as if rarely used, he sings clearly and on the note. His father and grandfather were known to sing an ancient battle hymn sung by King David when he conquered Jerusalem.

Perhaps due to the remoteness of their holdings, the d'Boxbourne Clan has a rustic reputation. It's sons are more comfortable in the woods and fields than in the courts of their lords. For all that, they also have a reputation for generosity, fairness, and enthusiasm.

Sir Rhys has developed a friendship with Diane, the youngest daughter of the earl. Rhys respects the girl's courage and her enthusiasm for falconry, which he shares. He is vaguely aware that the earl does not approve of the friendship but as his intentions are noble he does not anticipate problems. What's more, he values the friendship too much to curtail it without explicit orders from the earl.

Although the family has been in the area for generations, its proudest moment came in the Siege of Carlion when Rhys' father, Sir Rowain of Boxbourne, scaled the walls on a siege ladder and killed three of King Vortigern's knights to clear a path for the invaders. The event is captured in the Carlion Tapestry, displayed proudly in Boxbourne Manor.

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