Sir Rhodri Ap Ysgarran

Vassal Knight of Bushey

"Prudence, lad. Prudence in action will win the day. It is not who strikes first that wins, but who strikes best."

Ysgarran's words echo in young Rhodri's mind endlessly since the Battle of Eburacum, where his father died, along with many other brave knights, after a reckless charge into waiting enemy hands. Rhodri does not wish to make the same mistake. He would do his father proud with a long life, filled with many heirs and much glory.

Dead men gain no more glory.

Nestled in the flat plains of central Hertford, the family of Bushey has long been known for their skills on horseback. From the time Rhodri could first walk, he was placed on a horse and taught to ride. Even as a page in the Earl's court, he found himself more at home tending the horses in the stable than tending knights in the hall. Still, he performed his duties well, and, heeding his father's teachings, spent much time listening to the happenings at court. Growing up, Rhodri was considered quiet and routinely lost in thought around his compatriots in court. But all the time, he listened. He drank in the knowledge of events around him, knowing that understanding was key to "striking best".

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