Sir John Ap Morial

Being the younger brother of a notable knight and hero of the realm has been trying for John. his older brother, Morial, was named after his loyal father and was always the favorite of the family. While Morial was earning a name for himself gaining Excalibur at Merlin's side, John was training to be steward of the family manor estate. For a boy yearning to be a valiant warrior, it was hard to take. John was eager to prove himself, even if only to the ladies.

Girls had always been easy friends for John. His winsome smile and perfect teeth warmed the coldest heart, and his wealthy family wooed hard mothers. Damsels of the court were always for flirting with John, which he eagerly returned. When his older brother brought fame by defeating the three eyed giant John's desire for attention was all too easily stoked by young Damsel Briant af Arawine, daughter of Lord Berkhamstead. Alas but the young girl became pregnant.

John did his duty as a noble son and married the girl. Together they lived at Berkhamstead Castle. At first Lord Berkhamstead was all too happy to have a trained squire and able steward at his demesne. All that changed when Sir Certher of High Wycomb died and Certher's sister Morcheidys married Sir Madog. Sir Madog became landlord to High Wycomb and decided that John was the best candidate for providing the obligation of High Wycomb. John was knighted at Christmas in 487 and now serves as a household knight to Earl Hertford. Lord Berkhamstead is quite upset that he has lost a fighting man in his retinue to the Earl, doubly so that Earl Hertford placed John in Sir Rhodri's eschille.

John first saw action at the Siege of Bayeaux, where he fought alongside Earl Hertford and was among the first knights to enter the besieged city. Sir Rhodri's eschille is proving to be active, which John expects will give him much opportunity to win glory for his liege. In addition, being assigned to Sir Rhodri's eschille allows John the opportunity to serve alongside his brother Morial. This is bringing John closer to Morial and softening his heart toward his rival sibling. John is proving to be a paragon of chivraly, most known thus far for generously giving his time and energy to aid the poor refugees from Caercolun living in a makeshift town outside the walls of Hertford.

John's Character Sheet

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