Sir Elmig ap Lucius

Knight Banneret of Caercolun

Heir Apparent to Duke Lucius, Sir Elmig is seen as a role model for knightly valor and battle prowess. He's won glory in every battle fought by every army King Uther has raised since Sir Elmig was knighted. His rulership of Colchester has brought about a flowering of the Christian Church and the congregations of the town have swollen. Sir Elmig himself practices Christian virtues without fail, to the point of not even being interested in pursuing a marriage outside of what his father would ordain for him. Sir Elmig's loyalty to and love of Duke Lucius is famous throughout the Logres.

The maids in waiting wherever he may visit often fluster themselves trying in vain to win his attention. Much gossip has been made of who among the various courts of Logres will wed the young lord with the comely black locks.

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