Sir Certher ap Cergwyn

Vassal Knight of High Wycomb

Sir Certher was newly knighted in 484, the same year his father and grandfather were killed by a wasting illness. His father, Sir Cergwyn the Bold, fought always alongside Earl Hertford as his household knight and personal protector. Sir Cergwyn's courage and loyalty were renown. At the Siege of Carlion in 468, Sir Cergwyn and Earl Hertford were both unhorsed. As a line of mounted knights of Carlion came charging toward the exposed Earl, Sir Cergwyn threw himself before the Earl. An enemy lance ripped through his helm and tore off much of Sir Cergwyn's jaw. Through grace Sir Cergwyn survived and grew hale once more. Ever after, Sir Cergwyn could only eat gruel into which small chunks of meat had been stewed soft. Although Sir Cergwyn complained bitterly about his boring fare, his words were filled with pride at his own bravery.

With the death of his grandfather, Sir Certher is now manor lord and cannot take a place in the Earl's honor guard.

Sir Certher is an extraordinary woodsman, a gift that runs strong in the High Wycomb blood. In court he is known for his goodly manners, cheerful demeanor and soft spoken resolve. He showed promise as a squire when his benefactor, Sir Aragore was unseated at the Battle of Mount Damen. Squire Certher gave his own horse and sword to Sir Aragore, then made his way alone back to camp. Although Sir Certher is modest, witnesses saw him slay a Hearthgeneaut with his spear. He since has been known for his unflinching valor. Ladies as far as London know of Sir Certher as well, though more for his handsome smile than for his prowess on the battlefield.

Sir Certher was sponsored by the Earl himself. The Earl spoke of his father's loyalty and boldness. Out of love for his father and seeing his father's courage in the son, Earl Hertford sponsored Squire Certher directly.

Sir Certher met his end in 485 at the Battle of Mearcred's Burnstead.

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