Sir Aragore ap Gerdig

Household Knight of Earl Hertford

Sir Aragore's deep, boisterous baritone belies his short, stubby stature. One of the few pagan's close to Earl Hertford, Sir Aragore commands all the household knights of Hertford Hall who are not a part of the Earl's personal honor guard. It is to Sir Aragore that one of the player characters was squired; and, Sir Aragore recommends his squire for knighthood in the Easter Court of 685. One could do worse than having the notable Sir Aragore as a sponsor in the Earl's court.

Sir Aragore is equally at home singing drinking songs among the common footmen as he is in the company of his fellow knights. He was just married to the daughter of a lesser squire, Enide, and is deeply in love with her. He dotes on the lucky woman, who herself is amazed to be at least partially accepted by the ladies of Hertford Castle. In dealing with his eschille he treats the unlanded nights as valuable, noble men. His just treatment, and unbeaten winning streak at arm wrestling, has earned the trust and loyalty of all his charges.

Sir Aragore distinguished himself at the Battle of Mount Damen by successfully rescuing two knights stranded alone behind the enemies first rank. The eschille had just disengaged from a deep charge and was wheeling about to set lances and charge once more when Sir Aragore noticed two unhorsed knights of his unit standing atop a large granite boulder fighting off a throng of spearmen. Sir Aragore led his line of lances into the heart of the spearmen, pressing deep into the mass of bodies toward the boulder. The unit did finally break free, but not before one of the knights had fallen from a spear to the side. Sir Aragore burdened himself with the wounded man, while Sir Cerfannon allowed the other knight to leap upon his horse. The household knights held fast around the boulder while the two men were horsed and then sped back to camp. Alas, Sir Omig was grievously wounded by a spear in the side as our Lord Christ once was, and died.

Sir Aragore is gracious to guests of the Earl to a fault, though at times the endless stream of Christian monks begging for handouts grates at Sir Aragore's nerves. He has been known to attend feasts of honor for the Earl's guests even when ordered to bedrest by his chirurgeon.

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