Until very recently Duke Manche served King Syagrius as his liege lord. With the coming of King Clovis, Duke Manche was killed and replaced by kinsman of the new king.




The primary port and town on the southwestern coast of the Duchy of Manche, Avranches has recently capitulated to the Frankish King Clovis.

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A beautiful city along the frontier between Calvados County and the Duchy of Manche, Bayeaux surrendered peacefully to King Clovis after the fall of Soissons. Bayeaux is known for its fine textile workers and the best tapestries of Christendom are made here.



In the heart of the verdant Odon Valley lies the stone tower and estates of Lord Èvreoy. Once the banneret to Count Calvados, Lord Èvreoy found greater safety in submitting to the rule of Duke Manche when the Roman province fell to King Clovis.



Deep in the hills of Manche, Sir Percy and his family still consider themselves Romans rather than subjects of the Franks. King Clovis has yet to completely cleanse the duchy of all those who resist his reign; but, Sir Percy and his family expect trouble in coming years as the Franks consolidate their power over Duke Manche.

Pont Farcy


The highest point in the deep hills of Manche, the tower of Pont Farcy is a secluded watch point along the only road crossing the duchy into the territory of Count Calvados.

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