Lord Galweryn Of Sains

A knight banneret on the northern lowlands of Brittany, Lord Sains' estate is large and sprawling. He is one of the wealthiest men under Earl Domnonie with three household knights and 9 vassal knights at his service. Lord Sains is deeply devoted to King Idres of Cornouailles (Cornwall), second only to the love felt for his family. Lord Sains also fancies himself a sailor, frequently spending a summer weekend traveling to the dunes of Saint Michael's Island to hunt grouse.

Age has been kind to Lord Sains. A man in his late forties, he has a handsome face with thick graying hair. A nasty scar cuts across the back of his scalp where a thrown francisca nearly killed him at the Siege of Hilaire. This brush with death resulted in an everlasting devotion to his children and an especially strong bond with his eldest daughter, Gwenhwyfar. As Gwenhwyfar grew into maidenhood he sent her to Castle Hertford in Logres so that she might escape the depredations of Earl Domnonie and the growing Frankish threat of King Clovis.

Recently, Lord Sains, growing ever more fearful for the safety of his children from the threat of the Franks, sent his fourth son, Edar, to Logres as well.

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