Jewel of the Chiltern Hills, Lewarewich is named after a salt springs sitting in an isolated meadow above the lush Springflood Valley. The manor house perches on a shoulder of the hill cleared of its normally thick wood. Wrapping around the manor and hill is a vineyard skirt, bright green under a summer sun. Below sleeps the pleasant village where commoners toil in a woodsman's paradise of hills, forest, brook and field. Across from the village, where the land is too sandy to farm, is a huge pen for the sheep herd. The flock dots the southwestern hills like white puffs of cloud floating along the ground.

Coming southwest down the Ickneid Way, Lewarewich is just past the highest crest of the central Chiltern Hills, at the headwaters of the watershed for the Western Chiltern Hills and Rhydychan. Turning off the Ickneid Way to the south leads past the hamlet of Wandon before reaching Lewarewich proper. The trail continues deep into the hills and eventually reaches High Wycomb on the southern slopes.

The Ickneid Way at Lewarewich, 16 hexes = 1 mile
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