High Wycomb

The most isolated manor estate in Hertfordshire is home to the newly knighted Sir Certher ap Cergwyn. It is a normal landholding providing 6£ per year to its lord. The land is a high plateau among the Chiltern Hills in far Eastern Hertfordshire, a nine day ride from Hertford Castle. High Wycomb and many of the surrounding hills are blessed with a fine beech forest that supplies some of the best furniture lumber in Logres. Thus far only simple, handmade furniture for home use in the nearby hamlets have made use of this wonderful resource.

Its hamlets include Beechwood, Cearlham and Woodham. There is a small village at Chapel Ridge with its own priest. On the edge of the plateau with a fine overlook into the beech forests is the windswept hill where Sir Cerdig's stone monument was raised.

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