An ancient barrow in the area.


Ubadog, the Wonderful polydacty Black Cat.

It was a dreary black new moon night when Madog arose for slumber at 3:10 am, in the Year of Our Lord 477, at the time of the Henlow Barrow cries. The older pagans who have been indigenous to the British Isles for centuries warned of the waning hours of night when all were forsaken to be taken by the evil within the barrow. At the adolescent age of 13, Madog rose and immediately grasped his paining ankle, where the mark of the Tau was. Immediately, he was filled with images from the far past beyond the Tau to the Ankh and ancient egypt as one elder great-grandparent had shared with him as a young boy. She pointed to his birthmark at the base of his ankle and said “Oh my most blessed child, you must know that this mark has come for a reason. There is an unfulfilled destiny for our family that is not Royal in nature but far more important. These leaders of Royalty exist to lead the millions that are wary and confused but our family is of the silent hand, action. Although the leaders get all the glory and honor of every battle or advancement for peace, it is young boys like you who are gifted with the ultimate power of control of the duality of this world. One day you will come across a cat that will be a great augmentation to your powers. Do not overlook this happenstance as these offers from divinity are never for the commoners and only reserved the the most resolute and devout souls.”

After reliving that vivid memory of his grand-mother, Madog jumped to his feet and rushed to get dark peasant clothes on, pack his sword and head for the Henlow Barrow. As he traveled though the this wickets in the direct path, an overwhelming sense of the life around him manifested. He could hear and feel the vines reach for him, The leaves of the bushes started to shake and beckon his attention, but he was fixed on the mound. Even the trees bore faces of long gone ledgends……smiling and acknowledging his fearlessness and conviction.

As he approached the mound he heard a very high shrill, like a siren of ultimate power. He clasped his ears and dropped to his knees, disabled from the deafening and painful sensation, and of course dropping his squire shield and sword. After a few moments with his eyes closed and the pain unbearable he remembered his Greek eyogi training and began the Mantra: “Fear is the Enemy. I Shall not Fear. I will let it pass over me.” Suddenly, A bright flash of light and the new moon was reveled in fullness to him. Yet he san not just one moon but three, one right, one left and one below, all bounded by a red line. As his imagination stirred at such a bizarre display, a shadow form approached him and made a silent invitation. Madog had no thoughts of violence or danger as he beheld the paws of a very small black kitten. He was transfixed by the broad paws of this creature that covered branch, leaf and ground with it’s grace. “Seven Toes!! by God he has Seven Toes!! He screamed as the servant of Baset approached him. Ubadog, as he was named leaped to his chest and clung like a newborn child, and Madog reciprocated with dully earned trust and compassion. That began the first Magical cat generation of the Henlow Manor and all the commoners and family of Madog knew that Cadogs son was on the path to true honor and glory in his fathers name.

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