Hatfield Forest

Hatfield forest is the embodiment of the medieval forest of Logres. All that make the forest are present: deer, cattle, coppice woods, pollards, scrub, timber trees, grassland and fen. The ten mile swath of forest between Hatfield Manor and Boxbourne Hall comprise a dense, lushly overgrown forest. Here the edge of Overthere touches upon the mortal world. The daisies of the field are a more vivid yellow in the brilliant sun, the sky is deeper blue, the purple shade more somber. Toadstools are oddly more abundant throughout the wood.

The King's Road dissects Hatfield Forest neatly in two. Those riding on the King's Road could pass Hatfield Forest none the wiser. Two stone circles, the Portingbury Rings, sit about three miles on either side of the King's Road as focal points for the fey wood. Many a young virgin or daring knight has come here seeking adventure only to be disappointed at the utter mendacity of the wood. For though it is fey, it has seemingly slept deeply for the length of living memory.

The wood ends abruptly at the Lea River just west of Boxbourne.

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