Earl Aralyd d'Hertford

Earl Aralyd has earned his place among the great knights serving King Uther Pendragon. At the Battle of Salisbury the Earl served in the honor guard of King Aurelius Ambrosius, Uther's brother. Earl Hertford won reknown for single-handedly slaying the great, three-eyed giant which the Saxons hired as a mercenary and set after King Aurelius. He was overrun and wounded by the Frankish sergeants that then trampled old King Aurelius into the ground at that great battle. The High King would have survived his wounds, just as Earl Aralyd survived, if it were not for his treasonous chirurgeon poisoning him. The Earl also served admirably at the Siege of Eburacum and led a unit in the Position of Honor at the Battle of Mount Damen. His valor and loyalty to vassal charges are beyond doubt.

With Jutes rising up through Kent sometimes as far as Hertfordshire, Earl Aralyd must also defend his own county against the Saxon scourge. In the year 481 a Saxon force travelled north from Kent, skirting the hardened warriors of the forest and the rich city of London to enter the Quinqueroi Forest and raid the vassal manors of Hertfordshire along the King's Road. The Earl was furious and in 482 led a punitive raid deep into Kent lands, setting torch to field and town along the way. The rapine seemed to satisfy the Earl for a time; but, the smoldering anger in his eyes at the mention of Jutes belies his appearance of calm.

At home and hearth, Earl Aralyd is a just lord who takes time to understand all sides of an argument before passing judgment. The Earl is, however, proud of his service to King Urhter. Hertford Castle's hall is often filled with the Earl's rich baritone voice as he tells stories of his battles.

When the red pox of 477 passed through Hertford Castle, many of the servants and nobles were afflicted with wasting and perished. Earl Aralyd was tireless in his efforts to comfort the ill and afflicted, while he surprisingly was one of the very few who were spared the fevers and chills.

Most notably, the Earl has left on quest into the Landoine Forest - a rare feat for one so highly enfeoffed. In 471, newly reaching his majority, the Earl travelled with close companions to seek out the Wrenching Well Wyrm. The party caught sight of the wrym; but, it seemingly ignored them as they vainly tried to spear its steely scales. When a two headed giant burst in among the knight's pavilions one evening it was Earl Aralyd who had the wit and valor to bring down the giant by dint of force.

Now the Earl spends his day worrying about the Saxon threat and how he might raise enough swords to keep his homeland safe.

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