Boxbourne is the ancestral manor of Sir Rhys on the east side of the Hatfield Forest. The land consists of about fifty smallholdings clustered around Boxbourne village and the hamlets of Roydon and Wormley. Farmers grow barley, oats, and wheat in the cleared land to the east of the river, and raise cattle in the green meadows. Swineherds raise pigs in the eastern edge of Hatfield Forest.

Boxbourne Hall is the largest farm house in the area, built on a small rise against the river where a tiny hill fort once sat. The hall commands the best view of the region for miles around. The house is a modest wooden dwelling, less impressive than the newer stables build a few yards away. A Roman-era shield with the Boxbourne arms is the only exterior indication that this is the manor house.


Inside the hall hangs one of the most impressive pieces of art in the county, the Carlion Tapestry, which depicts the Siege of Carlion in general and in particular the heroic climb of Sir Rowain of Boxbourne and his victory over three knights. The Tapestry is said to be worth 8£, though to the Boxbournes it is priceless.

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