The Berkhamstead estates are some of the wealthiest, most fertile lands of the Chiltern Hills. Orchards of plum and cherry line stretch out from Castle Berkhamstead, one of the most well built and lavish castles in Hertfordshire. Lord Berkhamstead has also instructed his vassals to invest heavily in their lands, resulting in a wide array of goods coming from this area of Hertfordshire. This also means the castle's larder is well stocked with dried fruits, honey, mead, cured meats, tuns of beer, and sundry dried tubers and vegetables. Although the cattle of the area is deemed to provide the best cream in Logres, the meat of the herds has a tendency to be gamey and tough. This is often blamed on the steep hills and rough countryside covering much of the untilled lands. Moreover, Lord Berkhamstead's stables have had a run of bad luck for nigh on twenty years now and his horses are usually less powerful than those of other nights.

Lord Berkhamstead's vassals are extremely loyal to their liege due to the legendary generosity Lord Berkhamstead shows his charges. Nine vassal knights serve Lord Berkhamstead, all scattered throughout the nearby Chiltern Hills and grasslands along the Ikneid Way. The consist of:

  1. Crychester
  2. Ad Ansam
  3. Corney Bury
  4. North Mymms
  5. Stagenhoe (Disputed with Hemel Hempstead)
  6. Dinsley
  7. Tiscott
  8. Plashes
  9. Nettledon

A tenth vassal, Windridge, is disputed with Lord Hemel Hempstead. This dispute has on occasion caused bloodshed, though since the ascension of King Uther Pendragon the tension has become more of an undercurrent between the two bannerets.

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