Abbot Gerther Of Colchester

Gerther ap Agradig, abbot of All Saints Abbey in Colchester, is also considered praetor of the town of Colchester and serves at the will of King Uther Pendragon. Although an appointee of the king, Abbot Gerther shows due respect and humility to Duke Caercolun. This enables the abbot to rule his city in peace without fear of raid nor recklessness from Duke Lucius' vassals. Prior to being named abbot of All Saints Abbey, Gerther was an advisor and herald to King Ambrosius Pendragon. Although no coward on the field of battle, Abbot Gerther was never truly knighted and served only as a milites in King Ambrosius' army. The abbot is much more wily in negotiation at court than he is a leader of men on the field.

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