After 12 long years without a king, Logres finally seems to be healing again. The entire county breathes a sigh of relief as the first stones from Betlowe quarry are laid down along the new walls of Hertford Castle. A celebration is planned for when the gate's keystone is laid this coming Spring. Nanteleod is a good a fair king, even if he is so far away.

But first, Baron Hitchen and Sir Lupinus are led to the moat bridge of Castle Sauvage by a lonely hermit of the deepest woods. Sir Bledri and Brother Manfred follow up from Towchester, Sir Bledri's squire clearly tormented by the dreadful memory of the Goblin Fair a few years prior.

Arioch, Lord of chaos by Merriya at Deviant Art
I'll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground & Nico

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