Tension surrounds the hearth this Yuletide. The alliance with King Nanteleod of Escavalon has thus far proven ambiguous. Saxons grow stronger under King Aelle and thrive in London. Manors in the forests burn to the ground save those under the protection of Lord Tring to west. Hertford Castle languishes in ruins while the quarries at Betlowe quietly sit.

Yet you have a strong protector nearby who has pledged his aid. King Lak of far Estregales considers the knights of Hertford to have saved his life twice now. Lands around the newly won Castle Percy are rich despite a slowly spreading curse. And though Duke Ulfius broods in his keep above the dreary marshes of Winchester town, bonds with Lord Levcomagus grow stronger.

Charge by WF74 at Deviant Art
Shut It Tight by T-Bone Burnett

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