Hertfordshire Campaign

What is this site

This wiki site is intended to provide complete player and game master information for a King Arthur Pendragon (v5) game. KAP5 is a role playing game where players take the role of chivalrous knights in the glorious myths of King Arthur. This campaign follows the Great Pendragon Campaign (based on Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur) fairly closely, though the script and story will definitely change due to player actions. Play begins in 485 AD and runs until shortly after the death of King Arthur. Home base for the players is the county of Hertford.

The site has both player and game master information. The player information is freely available to all. Such player information should provide a good foundation for the information needed to play knights in Hertfordshire. By no means must every player become intimately familiar with all the information on this wiki site. It helps to know what is here, and the site can add color to the game when played at table; but, a player is certainly free to be blissfully ignorant of this site and still succeed at the table.

The Pendragon game is played in a series of turns as years. Each year is carefully set up by the GM to provide interesting entertainment for players. You can look at all the years already planned out by the GM at the top navigation bar. Years not appearing have not yet been planned. Each year will have a picture and a musical reference that were used as inspiration when planning the year. Once years are played, a play journal will be written for each year. Each major character in the game has their own page as well, with reference to heraldry where appropriate. In addition, specific locations are detailed with information the player knights would necessarily know having grown up in Hertfordshire.

Game Master Information

Game master information is on another wiki site, linked to this site. If you are reading this wiki site and not a game master, at the bottom of a page's content you will see one or another error message. Game masters will be able to keep reading reference information about how to play out a year, details of an encounter, game master character statistics and the like.

What to Read First

As a player new to Pendragon (or even old hands), its probably best to read the history of the campaign thus far:

Also helpful is other background information about the campaign:

Each of the above pages contains information commonly known to all nobles residing in Hertfordshire. Players are also able to create pages for their own characters and their character's landholdings.


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